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Path: /devs/C3C0/SlimBean/

MD5: e4a4be1a9eb3fb8ef97d1251fcf964b8

File Size: 83075378 bytes

Version: 20130326

Device: skate

Developer: C3C0

Changelog: Changelog 26/03/2013 ----------------------------------------------- - Synced with SlimRoms repos (SlimBean v2.7) - Semaphore driven sysinit for better int2ext compatibility - init.d cleanup and updated performance tweaks - Limit on number of background processes --- set to 5 by default in build.prop (sys.mem.max_hidden_apps) - Fixed FM Radio audio routing and volume control - Effem: new FM Radio app by daemond --- RDS support --- Automatic and manual search --- Personal station list - Dark Slim UI option - CM Volume QuickSettings tile - Expanded desktop tile - Koush's superuser --- make sure you uninstall SuperSU updates from data partition if present - Navbar enhancements - Browser: support form HTML5 WebSockets (option available in Browser settings) - Advanced lockscreen shortcuts - Included DashClock built from source - Upgrade without wiping data possible

Download Count: 16

Last Downloaded: April 16, 2015, 4:42 p.m. UTC