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Path: /devs/C3C0/RootBox/

MD5: 7fd6d509852526b07e0f805f39d46259

File Size: 121147437 bytes

Version: 20130320

Device: skate

Developer: C3C0

Changelog: Changelog 20/03/2013 ----------------------------------------------- - Synced with RootBox repos (20/03 nightly) - semaphore driven sysinit for better int2ext compatibility - Effem: new FM Radio app by daemond --- RDS support --- Automatic and manual search --- Personal station list - Option to set notification icon opacity - CM style Volume toggle (tile) - Dark RootBox - applies dark UI theme - Dark RootBox toggle (tile) - Option for Missed Call breathing notification icon - Option for CM Power Widget in notification drawer --- network mode toggle still WIP - Updated gapps - latest Gmail --- uninstall Gmail update from data partition if present - Other small fixes - Upgrade without wiping data possible

Download Count: 133

Last Downloaded: May 4, 2015, 7:21 p.m. UTC