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Path: /devs/C3C0/Paranoid/

MD5: 70581e3191b3c601c5be697ba44a23e6

File Size: 115824876 bytes

Version: 20130403

Device: skate

Developer: C3C0

Changelog: Changelog 03/04/2013 ----------------------------------------------- - the final release - Limit on number of background apps --- set to 8 by default in build.prop (sys.mem.max_hidden_apps) - Fixed rare graphical glitches in navbar/status bar - Final FM Radio audio routing fixes - Updated Effem app - Updated gapps (new Gmail, GooglePlayServices) --- make sure to uninstall Gmail and GooglePlayServices updates from data partition if present - Updated SuperSU --- make sure to uninstall SuperSU update from data partition if present - Upgrade without wiping data possible

Download Count: 1367

Last Downloaded: May 5, 2015, 9:39 a.m. UTC