HOWTO: Get your rom working with GooManager

So you want to get your rom working with the GooManager app's auto updating system?  Our website will scan new and changed files for a couple fields in the rom's build.prop. 

Required fields: 

  • (this is your username on the website)
  • (a title for your rom that is unique from other roms with no spaces or special characters.  A-Z/0-9)
  • (a numerical value for the rom version)

Example values:


So lets say you wanted to update our example to the next version, you would just bump up the version number so it would look something like this:

Updated Values:


Examples of what our developers have done to get their roms automatically working with

Dynamic Changelogs: 

If you would like to have changelogs to your rom, you can create a file in your zip called "changelog.txt" at the root. THIS MUST BE IN ALL LOWERCASE OR THE SERVER WILL IGNORE IT! The file changelog will be updated with the contents of this text (minus html/javascript/etc).  You can always add or update this later from the developer control panel.

After updating, please allow up to an hour for the files to be mirrored and pushing via the app.  Generally it will be much quicker but this is not always the case!


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