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I suggest you to read this before downloading any of my files!

Device naming:

1 ) Jena - GT-S6500(D)

     1.1 ) jena - NFC variant

     1.2 ) jenad - non-NFC variant

2 ) Tass - GT-S5570

3 ) Trebon - GT-S7500

Folder naming meanings:

1 ) General naming

     1.1 ) [device]-[rom name] or [device]-recovery

     1.2 ) CM - CyanogenMod

     1.3 ) CWM - ClockWorkMod

     1.4 ) TWRP - TeamWin Recovery Project

2 ) patches - small fixes for specific ROMs, do not use if the ROM is released later than the patch

3 ) nightly - builds with none/minor device-specific changes. May not be stable for daily usage!

4 ) development - this folder is used to share builds between developers / enthusiasts who want to help with development. Do NOT download/install these ROMs if you don't know what you are doing!


DISCLAIMER: TheWhisp cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your device (and for any other inconveniences). By using his files you agree to these terms.

File/Folder Name Modification Time Download Count
download boxdevelopment
download boxjena-aokp
download boxjena-cm10
download boxjena-cm10-nightly
download boxjena-cm10.1
download boxjena-cm10.1-nightly
download boxjena-cm10.2
download boxjena-cm10.2-nightly
download boxjena-cm11
download boxjena-cm11-nightly
download boxjena-cm9
download boxjena-recovery
download boxtass-aokp
download boxtrebon-cm10
download boxtrebon-cm10.1
download boxtrebon-recovery
download boxwilcox-recovery