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Developer Bio
My name is Mike Campbell. 

I am the lead developer behind and responsible for the first two iterations of the GooManager app.


The app

We have spent a lot of time getting the server side changes in place to automatically parse our developer's rom files to grab data to make a functional OTA update system without the need for editing manifest files, or other tedious tasks. This is our attempt at creating a way for Android developers to simply publish material, and distribute it to the masses without any hassle.

Hope you enjoy it!

This app is and will always be 100% FREE!

General Features:

  • Ability to browse all of the files we have on our site, and download directly to your mobile device.
  • Receive OTA style updates from your favorite rom developers that we have hosted here.
  • New CyanogenMod nightly build update support

Getting the app on your device

If you would like to sideload the app on your phone and avoid the market, you can  download here or get it from the android market!

Are you a rom developer wanting to publish your work with our updating system?

To get your rom compatible with our updating system, you should make the appropriate changes to your build.props. For more information on this system, see the HOWTO: Getting compatible with the Goo app.


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