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Information from the developer

Changelog 12/03/2013
- synced with RootBox repos (official v3.9.1)
- FM Radio with RDS support
- Koush's Superuser - integrated into Settings
--- removed SuperSU
--- don't forget to uninstall SuperSU updates from Data partition if present
- New cool battery icon styles: CircleMod, SquareMod, Speedometer
- Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading 'spinner' animation smoother in non-holo apps
- Updated Sleep Toggle icon
- MMS Breath option:
--- This will give your SMS notifications a breathing effect in the statusbar instead of being a static icon.
- Performance increase in thumbnail handling
- Navring: Fix landscape for phones and 4+ targets
- LockscreenPattern : Toggle dots/error pattern visibility
- Improved AOSP Download/Upload animation
- Option to force auto-rotate when keyboard is shown
- Fixed layout of Toggle setup dialog
- upgrade without wiping data possible