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Information from the developer

Changelog 15/12/2012
- synced with CM repos
- fixed YouTube reboots
- Hardware rendering settings:
Allows controlling of HW rendering individually for any application.
This is usefull for applications having the 'blank white screen'
bug (gmail, facebook, ...). Turning off HW rendering for these applications
eliminates the white screen bug. As a side effect, the application UI
will become a bit more laggy - feels almost like gingerbread.
It's also important to know that some apps might crash when HW rendering
is disabled for them. If reboot doesn't fix crashing then keep HW rendering enabled.
- added utilization of copybit to accelerate 2D rendering
- added definition files for atmel and focaltech touchscreens
(eliminates on-screen pointer on some devices)
- updated German and Spanish translations
- new gapps package with updated Play store