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Goo.im Upgrades and Move!

To all who read this, in it's entirety, thank you in advance -- Snipa/Alexander Blair.

Goo.im is at a turning point in it's life, as I'm at a turning point in mine.  In approximately July of this year, I'll be moving out to Las Vegas with a family member due to some extenuating circumstances.  As I'm sure some of you are aware, I am the head administrator of Goo.im, and responsible for all server-level maintainance and finances for the service.

So, what does this mean?  Well, we were already planning on running a full hardware upgrade of the service in June/July of this year, corresponding to a full software revamp s0up is doing at this time, to completely rebuild the interface, along with updated daemons and other work to help keep goo running at peak performance.  The issue is that we're going to be facing upwards of 10k in hardware costs, along with close to 7-10k in initial costs and setup fees for the new datacenter.  We had budgeted for the 10k hardware using internal funds, as well as donations from the core leadership team, however, my personal funding for this is getting pulled, as well as the extra 7-10k sprung on us as we're moving datacenters.

It is possible to help drop the 7-10k, but a good chunk of that is the new core switch we'll need, as well as the new internal core switch, which we can't avoid buying as we move forwards.  It was our original intention not to buy any new switches, and upgrade the DFW colo that we use now, just replacing hardware, but with the changeover to Phoenix/Vegas, we'll have to re-implement core functionality, or risk a fairly extensive downtime of our entire service.

I know we've asked for fundraisers in the past, but this one is something special to me in particular, as I'll be moving, and this is the last major move for goo for the foreseeable future.  Once I move to Vegas, goo is not moving from it's home for a long, long time.  Upgrades will happen, but the hardware itself won't have to move any longer.  We're hoping to push though and buy great hardware for everyone, and have upgrades in place ahead of time, rather than being behind the curve as we've had to do in the past. 

Post updated on 03-27-2013
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