Goo's Migration is Done!

Just a quick update from Vegas!

The migrations and FS syncs are done.  Deletions are happening properly in the database, indexer is up and running happily.  Welcome to Goo 2.0.  Developer signups are open once more.

We've moved to a GlusterFS based system that will allow for heavy scaling of goo in the future as needed.  We currently are running: 2x public servers, 2x donator servers, 1x gapps server (Ramdisks are love!).  We're still letting all the hardware fully settle in, but should be up and going.  The …

Post updated on 12-15-2013
Deployment Days!

Hello all!

Deployment day is near.  I'll be driving out to Dallas on Nov 1st, all time off is cleared, and the power is set to be installed by the 28th, so we'll be deploying on the 1st, and going from there. I'll be working with the rest of the team to make sure that everyone's aware of the downtime, and we keep it as short as humanly possible.

 Update!  Pictures of the servers, mostly together, these pics, they're missing some drives still, but we've got them ready!:

Post updated on 10-12-2013
Updates for deployment!

It's been a long, knock down, drag out fight to get here, but the end is in sight!  Other than me twisting my back last night, which has me semi-out of comission, we're over half done with all server builds physically, and I'll be finishing the rest up over the next 24 hours to start full software deployments.  Assuming I can complete the builds in time, and the DC's willing to accept shipment of our servers and hold them, I'll be deploying between the 27th and the 29th, if this window is missed, the next shot is after the week of …

Post updated on 09-14-2013
Moving Updates!

 Hello All, an update from Alex/Snipa:

I've landed in vegas and we're setup in the house to start building out Goo 3.0  At this time, s0up is making massive strides in the re-write of the site to make it more web two point oh-ish-kinda-sorta-nastyness?  I'm rewriting the main file indexer, and DrMacinysha is handling all of the questions/comments blipped to our support e-mail, and is working as our public face.

Oh yeah, and we've got 24 2Tb hard-drives, and 10 server chassis' being built downstairs in my house.  So, lets …

Post updated on 06-13-2013 Upgrades and Move!

To all who read this, in it's entirety, thank you in advance -- Snipa/Alexander Blair. is at a turning point in it's life, as I'm at a turning point in mine.  In approximately July of this year, I'll be moving out to Las Vegas with a family member due to some extenuating circumstances.  As I'm sure some of you are aware, I am the head administrator of, and responsible for all server-level maintainance and finances for the service.

So, what does this mean?  Well, we were already planning on running a full hardware …

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Stability Issues (Resolved) 2-20-2013

We have had a few ongoing problems the last week with our primary web server box.  It appears that we have now resolved the issue (needed to purge 38,000,000 temp database records) and things should be more or less back to normal.  

Sorry about the service interruption! 

Post updated on 02-20-2013
Site updates

Website stuff:

Things have been really stable around here lately,  and we are saving money for massively upgrading our storage system to speed things up quite a bit.  Lots of minor improvements have been made to the site code, and performance should be greatly improved.

RootzWiki is now under new management, and we have chosen to remove the "Forums" link from since it was rarely used for tech support and they are now going in an unknown direction.


GooManager is still being worked on, and some …

Post updated on 12-10-2012 status update

Us admins at have been hard at work to bring some big improvements to our services.  We have recently pushed an update to our distribution and storage servers which fixed a memory leak error in Oracle's lustrefs which we use for our centralized filesystem.  Users can now enjoy massively improved stability and performance.  In other news, we have added another gigabit uplink and moved over to fiber optic to improve speeds and utilize our extra storage server throughput -- now go download something!


New website …

Post updated on 09-27-2012
Website updates, app updates, etc

We have had an extremely busy and stressful week getting everything moved over to the new hardware, but the dust has finally settled and you should all be able to enjoy some improved speed and stability going forward.  Our fiber link won't be installed for another couple weeks so you can expect a massive improvement in bandwidth coming in soon as well!  We are sorry for the amount of service interruptions recently but as we are limited on both time and funding, things don't always go exactly as planned.  

GooManager v3 update:

Post updated on 08-20-2012
Breakdown of the Weekend's Activities

Here's a breakdown of everything that happened this weekend:

The Good:

  • New distribution servers: More redundancy and download bandwidth.
  • New web server: Better uptime on the site and services.
  • New file server: MOAR SPACE for hosting files.
  • New switch: A new switch and fiber modules will let us upgrade from our current uplink to a fiber link which gives us the ability to upgrade all the way up to 10gbps before we have to get more hardware.

The Bad:

  • The switch module that lets the fiber SFPs hook …
Post updated on 08-13-2012