Unfortunately, as of this time, the main portions of goo.im have been disabled. Due to a finance issue, our CDN account has been suspended, and all files stored on it are effectively non-accessible. Due to some RL issues on my(Alexander)'s part, once goo started actively losing money 6 months ago, I had changed jobs a bit to help support goo. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough combined with some other issues that crept up on me. Due to this, I'm formally shutting down Goo. There is an offer in to take over the files and hosting from a generous sponsor, however, until the financial issues are sorted out, they are unable to adsorb Goo. It's been my pleasure to serve files for you all for the past couple of years, and I wish everyone good luck into the future.

-- Snipa/Alexander Blair

If you have picked up a sponor account within the last two months, please reach out to us if you'd like a refund. It may take some time, but we'll do our best to get these processed and sent out. -- Thanks for everyone who's supported us over the years.